Camping Rules

RULES OF PROCEDURE (Decree 164/2003)

To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we kindly ask you to observe the following rules:


1.    At check-in, please show your ID card or passport to the Reception personnel; fill in the forms required by the Spanish authorities, and also the admission form.
2.    You will be given a numbered identification card. Please keep it in a conspicuous place in your vehicle (inner rear view mirror is suggested). It is essential for control and check out purposes. Non identified vehicles will not be allowed to access the Campsite. The eventual loss of this identification card may result in a 10 € replacement fee.
3.    Upon arrival you will be informed of the plot you can occupy. Please inform at the Reception Office of any changes in the number of guests (adults, children) or vehicles. Please ask for authorisation at the Reception Office if you wish to change plot.
4.    Users will be obliged to pay the price of the Campsite services determined by day, with the minimum payment for a day and understanding that each day begins and ends at 12.00. The prices are duly exposed in the Reception Office. At check-out, please return the identification card you were given upon your arrival. Customers intending to depart before the opening hour of the Reception Office should check out the day before.
5.    Non-residents are not allowed at the Campsite. All visitors should check in at the Reception Office. Visiting hours are from 09.00 to 22.00 hours. Visits exceeding the established time (30 minutes) will be considered and charged as a camping day. This also applies when visitors make use of any service of the Campsite.
6.    Customers are kindly asked to make good use of all facilities at the campsite, and to ensure that minors also comply with the warnings here exposed.


1.    As a courtesy to other campers, and in compliance with the rules of procedure, please maintain absolute silence from 00.00 am to 08.00 am. During these hours traffic is forbidden within the campsite. If you plan to leave with your vehicle after the 00.00 hours, please leave out in advance in the parking lot. Likewise, vehicles entering the campsite after 00.00 hours must be parked in the parking lot.
2.    The Management is responsible only for objects deposited in the Safe at the Reception Office, against receipt.
3.    Animals are allowed into the campsite . In any case, these must be moored at all times and under the supervision of their owners, with muzzle and taking care not to disturb the rest of the campers. They must comply with regulations for the “stay of animals in the campsite”, displayed at the Reception Office. Dangerous animals (pure-bred or cross-bred) are not allowed.
4.    It is strictly forbidden to:
·    Light any fire at the campsite.
·    Damage plants, cut tree limbs or drive nails into the trees.
·    Dig ditches or holes or install any type of fence.
·    Hang clothes outside the places expressly authorized.
·    Sports or games that may cause inconvenience to other users.
·    Use certain services outside the established timetable.
·    Enter with weapons into the campsite.
·    Throw rubbish outside the containers.
5.    Users must inform the Management of the appearance of contagious diseases that could be transmitted to other users by the normal use of the services of the Campsite.
6.    In case of accident or emergency, the user must inform the Reception Office as soon as possible, in order to take appropriate action.
7.    The use of music devices is not allowed within the perimeter of the campsite.


1.    The speed limit on all types of vehicles (including bicycles and scooters) within the perimeter of the campsite is 10 km/h.
2.    No vehicle traffic is allowed outside roads, designated paths and parking areas.
3.    It is prohibited to park vehicles outside the parking areas are provided for this purpose.
4.    The use of audible warning mechanisms of vehicles is forbidden, except in cases of force majeure to prevent colliding against other vehicles or running over pedestrians.

The simple inscription on the Camping, presupposes the acceptance of all the rules set out above. The Management reserves the right to expel from the campsite all customers that do not respect the basic rules of coexistence.
Any suggestion to improve our service will always be welcome. THANK YOU!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The campsite has a limited capacity. Please keep this in mind before meeting with family and friends. Once we have reached the limit, we may not be able to admit any more campers!

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